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About our Igaming PBN SEO solutions

What links work for igaming SEO in 2021?

The last major update was in May, since then the dust has settled & we are back to normal.


  • Outreach – Working
  • PBN – Working
  • Rebuilds – Paused

Do we provide rebuilds?

Most of our clients are either stock listed or licenced operators, due to the often questionable grey area of the rebuild technique we do not offer these services.

If you have a portfolio of domains contact us, we can re-purpose them with unique builds.


What are the build specifications?

All builds are bespoke depending on the clients’ requirements however all builds feature:

High metric domain

Real users active on each domain

Casino/Sportbook/Live-Casino/Sportbook premium theme

A minimum of 5000 unique words per language at launch

Link Scheduling (on all bulk orders)

250 to 1000 playable games from one of 250 game providers

Ongoing new games and casino information drip-feed to all pbn


Our PBN are money site quality, built to pass manual review


Can we provide links in * language?

Our standard build uses the famous DeepL Artificial Intelligence engine to deliver the highest possible quality machine translation of both content and platform.

For those wishing to go the extra mile, we also offer native proofreading & editing.

For PBN, the DeepL is sufficient.

Yes, we have Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish & Japanese and many more!

In short, yes, we have your target language.

Can you provide samples?

All our clients are private, we will provide samples of our build quality and system on request.

Please click contact us and send us your target country and languages, we will provide a sample.


Affiliate commission?

Contact us for white labelling options and potential affiliate commissions available to those recommending our services.

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